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Surgery always carries some risk—but when a loved one is injured or lost due to a surgeon’s incompetence, it’s important to take action. When investigating surgical errors, Dr. Jack Tolliver often discovers that the physician shows a pattern of surgical negligence and substandard care.

Some surgical errors are immediately evident: the surgery’s outcome may be poor, or tragically, there may be an avoidable surgical fatality. However, some errors are not discovered until weeks or months after the procedure is performed. A surgical error can result in long-lasting, irreparable harm to the patient and family.

Common Surgical Errors

  • Da Vinci surgical robot mistakes
  • Unnecessary surgery
    In some cases, a surgery is conducted that isn’t necessary to cure the patient. Many cases of malpractice relate to doctors who have performed many unnecessary heart procedures, including by-passes and cardiac catheterizations.
  • Misidentified patients and body parts
    Mistakes of this sort are easily avoided, and yet they are still made—with catastrophic consequences. Examples include: operating on the wrong patient, removing the wrong kidney (leaving a cancerous kidney), transfusing mismatched blood, or implanting an incompatible organ.
  • Failure to operate
    Surgery is the only effective option for some conditions. When this is the case, it is imperative that surgery be scheduled quickly and performed in the most responsible manner possible. Despite the urgency of certain conditions, sometimes the surgery is not performed quickly enough.
  • Failure to recognize and/or treat complications that arise during surgery
    Every step a surgeon takes during an operation can have life-threatening consequences if performed negligently. A surgeon may fail to recognize when the operation site becomes infected or the procedure causes substantial bleeding. In rare cases, a surgeon may leave a foreign body (like a sponge) or surgical instrument inside the patient.

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By seeking the maximum legal recourse against negligent physicians and hospitals, together we can help prevent future medical malpractice.

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