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Unnecessary Cardiac Procedures

There may have been instances in Kentucky hospitals where unnecessary cardiac procedures were performed, including the following:

  • Cardiac catheterization
  • Heart stent
  • Cardiac by-pass surgery

Physicians and surgeons should help you make the right decisions about your healthcare. Their jobs require a balance of science and art: the science stems from clinical studies that establish medical standards, and the art comes when reviewing the unique needs of each patient.

But sometimes that balance is ignored, and medical professionals instead make judgments based on a whim or financial gain. When this happens, the patient is subjected to unnecessary risks of present and future medical complications.

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Dr. Jack Tolliver is a successful physician and medical malpractice lawyer who understands the complexities of both hospitals and courtrooms.

If you or a loved one has undergone one of these procedures, you may be at risk for serious medical complications. We encourage you to contact our firm and learn more. With our team’s medical experience, we can thoroughly and quickly review your case at no charge. If we accept your case, we will pursue maximum compensation. We never pass on costs and expenses if we do not recover damages.

By seeking the maximum legal recourse against negligent physicians and hospitals, together we can help prevent future medical malpractice.

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