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Defective Medical Devices

Areas of Practice
Areas of Practice
Areas of Practice

Modern medical practices extend outside the operating room and doctor’s office to devices designed to improve a patient’s quality of life. These include implantable heart devices, hip and joint replacements, and prosthetic knee devices.

In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration is responsible for approving medical devices and monitoring the safety of devices like heart valves and hernia patches. Unfortunately, the process for approval of safe devices isn’t always thorough; clinical trials that lead to FDA approval only involve a few hundred patients. Likewise, a manufacturer’s quality assurance processes may decline over time.

Delayed recalls can mean patients use defective devices well after the manufacturer uncovers a problem. The repercussions of a defective medical device on a patient’s health and well-being can be severe, including potential fatality.

Even if a medical device is FDA-approved for a specific use, there are no rules that prevent a doctor from prescribing a device for non-approved uses.

Some of the medical devices we investigate are:

  • DePuy hip replacements
  • Stryker Rejuvenate Hip

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