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Apr 26, 2017

Firm announces recipients of 2017 nursing scholarship

The Law Firm of Jack Tolliver, MD & Associates, PLLC is excited to announce the winners of our annual nursing scholarship:

  • Caitlin Armstrong (Shelby County High School)
  • Erynn Bergman (South Oldham High School)
  • Cheyenne Lawrence (Carroll County High School)
  • Ana-Maria Starcevic (Boyle County High School)
  • Halie Tabor (Breckinridge County High School)

As high school seniors, these five recipients have already demonstrated an impressive dedication to providing high-quality care to others—whether at home, in a hospital NICU, or at a long-term care facility.

Many of our applicants spoke of the importance of forging bonds with their patients. Scholarship recipient Caitlin Armstrong wrote in her essay, “Nursing isn’t about just caring for someone. Nursing is about creating relationships through your patients so they know you really do care for them.”

Recipient Erynn Bergman went a step further, noting that showing warmth and care can benefit more than the patient. “I would like to improve the nursing field in the future by being a good role model to my peers. Reducing burnout among good nurses is a goal that I believe can be achieved by creating and becoming a support system for one another. The compassionate heart we use to care for our patients should be expanded, and encompass our work family.”

Many of the applicants began their path to nursing at home, taking care of friends and family members who were ailing and in need of gentle and competent care. Ana-Maria Starcevic, scholarship recipient from Danville, recounted in her essay the care she provided for her grandmother when both parents were routinely working overtime:

“My grandmother contracted and beat ovarian cancer multiple times, but two years ago the cancer overcame her best efforts to fight. The strongest woman I had ever known, who I thought could beat the toughest odds, was suffering the debilitating effects of the cancer as it took everything away from her.”

Ana-Maria helped her grandmother with physical therapy each morning and night, delivered medicine, and also helped with housework when her parents were at work.

Eventually, Ana-Maria’s grandmother’s treatments failed, and Ana-Maria provided her grandmother with comfort care until she passed away. “I truly believe she left this world in peace,” Ana-Maria wrote, “and I am thankful for the opportunity that I had to help her be at peace in her final moments.”

These experiences caring for family members shaped many of our applicants’ views on how they want to approach nursing in the future. Rather than treating patients as simply a number on a chart, many of our recipients reflected on how they hope to care for patients as family. Ana-Maria summed up this goal:

“I know that I will treat each patient with the same respect and concern that I showed my own family, because each patient deserves nothing less than that standard of care. It is my goal to truly know my patients so that they feel comfortable asking me for whatever they need, and I want each of them to ultimately be more than satisfied with the care I provide.”

Dr. Jack Tolliver established his scholarship program because nurses are essential to elevating patient care—and often, nurses are the ones to catch medical errors before they have devastating consequences for patients. The scholarship is open to all Kentucky high school seniors who plan to pursue a degree in nursing at a Kentucky college or university.

Our law firm is thrilled to be providing these Kentucky students with the support to pursue their dreams of obtaining a nursing degree. The Tolliver Annual Nursing Scholarship begins accepting applications each fall. Learn more about scholarship eligibility and rules.


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