Doctor Malpractice

Almost 100,000 people die in hospitals each year resulting from medical errors, according to the Institute of Medicine.

As patients, we trust that hospitals and regulatory agencies will protect us from doctors who commit malpractice. When these safeguards fail, however, it’s time to contact a personal injury lawyer. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for doctors with a history of documented malpractice to continue practicing medicine, endangering patients through unnecessary surgeries, medication errors and misdiagnoses. In fact, many doctors who have lost their licenses in one state will simply move to another state and begin again. Unqualified physicians may also take up practice in private offices that lack adequate regulatory oversight.

Shockingly, only 21 U.S. states require licensing or accreditation for offices where surgery is performed. Unqualified physicians often migrate to states where demand is high and oversight is nonexistent after being sued or censured for substandard care. In states with lax regulations, surgery is often performed in a facility with no backup plan in the event of an emergency. These unqualified and predatory doctors typically don’t have hospital privileges; when complications arise, they can’t even accompany a patient to the hospital.

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Dr. Jack Tolliver is a successful physician and medical malpractice lawyer who understands the complexities of both hospitals and courtrooms.

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You may be the one who ends the cycle of harm by making an unqualified physician too financially risky for hospitals to hire or malpractice insurers to cover. By seeking the maximum legal recourse against negligent physicians and hospitals, together we can help prevent future medical malpractice.

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